Trying Hands At Gelato Making In Marina Di Grosseto, Italy

After our soulful pasta cook-out & dinner, Barbara and Bryan drove me to meet Chef Frencesca at this beautiful place called Marina Di Grosseto, on the other day. In our two-hour drive, I got a chance to sneak-a-peek at scenic Tuscan Hills and Montalcino Vineyards.

Montalcino is a hub for Wine Tours and people across the globe come here to witness brewing of the finest and most expensive wines of the world. This place is famous for Brunello Wine, a wine of prestige, superior quality with the ability to age well and for long periods of time. Montalcino is on my list of the best wine tasting itinerary in the world.

Chef Frencesca lives in Impruneta in the winters and in Marina Di Grosseto in the summer. To my amazement, Frencesca does not live in a house, but on a yacht with her lovely parents and her Labrador. This vibrant young lady is a Marine Biology student and is passionate about making Gelatos. A super cool combination, isn’t it?

She treated us to a quaint restaurant with scrumptious seafood and Tuscan wine. The kind soul, Frencesca also took us on a yacht tour. And then, we finally visited her Gelato Laboratory. 

‘Gelato’ means frozen, it is an Italian name for ice-creams made using milk, cream, sugar, and is flavored with fruit & nut purees. Frencesca owns Gelateria Skipper and Gelateria San Rocco, where they sell some really sumptuous ice creams. And guess what, she actually taught us to make perfect gelato in her laboratory.

She demonstrated Pistachio & Coffee Gelato to us. Strong coffee flavor and mild taste of Pistachio soothed our tongues like bliss. There were several other flavors on her menu, like Strawberry, Chocolate, Yoghurt, Hazelnut, Mint Vanilla and Chocolate with Cream, to name a few.

Making gelato is no kid’s play. See how Frencesca made Pistachio & Coffee Gelato for us at her laboratory

Our little party with Frencesca came to an end with a cup of Double Espresso. We headed back to Impruneta to meet our guest for the dinner in Chianti.

Catch the stories of our dinner feast in the next blog post. Until then, Addio!




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