When Maa Ke Haath Ka Khana Became The Ticket To A Splendid Luncheon

What is the best thing that has ever happened to you?

For us, it is my Maa Ke Haath Ka Khana,

And some people of the town recently got lucky with a gluttony luncheon because of their maa ke haath ka khana. Read on to know how.

On The House & Gourmet Getaway hosted a luncheon party for mother-kid duos at OTH on Mother’s Day . A very sweet & simple task, entitled these people to this sumptuous meal. The task was to share a picture of their favorite from their mother’s kitchen. 

And look what came in:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Gourmet Getaway’s curator, Dushyant Singh was so overwhelmed that he decided to invite everyone who has participated in this contest.

And everyone was like:


The luncheon was fun filled and a variety of delicious food was served. Here, browse through the happenings of this little party:

Look Look Look !


And guess what! This was not all! There were letters of love written by kids to mommy’s 😀 


and what followed was emotional hugs and cheeks pulling…



Lets Not miss the most Important part of the Day, Frest Fruit Cake which everyone went gaga about !


We had a super awesome day ! Thanks to Dushyant Singh, Gourmet Getaway and all the lovely ladies who were there to spend time with their kids. And yeah yeah! Awesome Kids who made an effort to make their Moms feel special.


Looping with love!




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